The Ideal Washing Machines Reviewed For 2018 – Tips You Need To Know


     There won’t be very many times in your life when you’d have to go shopping for a new washer. This year, there are many new washing machines that you can choose from.

And if you’re on a tight budget, it would be smart to know exactly what you want in a washer in terms of performance and features. All the different kinds of fabric used in our clothes makes it important to have many wash cycles to choose from. For detecting load size, you’ll find that the better washing machines are equipped with sensing technology. These are only a couple of features you’ll find in today’s washers.

If you are searching for a way to lower your energy bills, and also get a highly efficient machine, the Kenmore 22352 washer is the way to go. The price tag of $1,159 is something to be desired, but higher prices on washers are hard to command unless it’s worth it. Whether you use warm water or cold water, you’ll still get your clothes clean when you wash. By avoiding warm water cycles, you can save money on heating your water. You will be able to wash giant loads of laundry, plus anything large like a comforter. People will like the fact that the Kenmore 22352 does not come with an agitator, which is something many try to avoid.

White is the typical color of most washers, but you’ll find that the Kenmore 22352 also comes with a graphite steel finish. With a 12-cycle wash count, the Kenmore 22352 is the ideal washer if you’ve got clothes with various textures. Also, compared to other washing machines, this Kenmore washer has a much bigger load capacity at 4.3 cubic feet. This washing machine is front loading. Other positive ratings include excellent energy efficiency test results.

The Kenmore 22352 is also a unique washer in that it can do hot steam cleaning.

The Kenmore 22352 is a top-loader with a lid made from tempered glass. You have a choice between a white or a metallic silver model. As for quality, this washer is above average, but it doesn’t have features that really stand out. It’s got an above average capacity, though. Just about all good washers will have an Energy Star rating and the Kenmore 22352 has it. Washing machines in 2018 clearly show that times have changed in regard to simple washers. Technology advances every week, so also will machines. At this point, innovation can give us better materials and technology to increase efficiency. Be choosing and buying new technology. Sometimes it is not cost effective to spend your money. Nice toys are fun to buy but not so much when it’s just a washing machine.


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