Gardening – Some Essential Advice


Growing your own garden should be fun for you and not stressful. For this reason we will be looking at some tips to make things easier for you and eliminate as much stress as possible from what should be an enjoyable pastime.

First tip is do not rush: When you are starting your garden you need to remember that you will have to put in some money. The plants, potting soil and paving stones all cost money and can add up to a lot which is what people tend to forget about.

This is important as you should not take on too much at once by rushing your garden. To manage costs easily and complete each project that you start you should take everything slowly and step by step. Some ways you can save money include growing your plants from seed, swapping or getting plants from other gardeners who have a surplus, making your own compost, go to yard sales and junkyards to get some great deals on pots, trellises, ornaments and so on. Choose Annuals: Annuals live their entire life cycle in just one year, meaning they grow from a small seed into a full blown plant really quickly, resulting in some amazing looking flowers. Even though they only last for one year, they are truly impressive plants because they have been bred to produce a lot of beautiful foliage and bright, lovely flowers. Annuals tend to flower early because they reproduce via seeds, which means that the flowers must come first. Also, annuals have another advantage of you being able to replant the seeds you collect to get the same plant, or you can add some variety into your garden by buying some new types. Year on year new types of annuals are introduced, with some of them preferring cooler weather and others preferring warmer weather. Your imagination is the only limiting factor when it comes to annuals.

Things are slightly more complicated when it comes to planting fruits as the garden might not be big enough and the fruit plants need to be looked after. For example, it can be extremely hard to grow pineapples. But, there’s still plenty to choose from, depending on your preferences. If space isn’t an issue you could go for apple trees, apricot trees, peach trees or cherry trees. Or, you could go for ground fruits like melons and strawberries, shrub fruits like raspberries and blackberries, or fruits that grow on vines like kiwis and grapes. Taking into consideration how long a fruit plant will take to yield its produce is very important. Melons are annuals so you will have fruit to harvest that year but fruit trees can take several years before they bear fruit, but once they do they will last many, many years. Never let your garden drag you down. In fact, it should be therapeutic, so with a little proper planning and task management you can avoid the stress and enjoy the benefits.

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