Seven essentials for your holiday on the beach

Beach Canary Islands
If these holidays have chosen the beach instead of the mountain it is because you are wishing to enjoy a few relaxing days practicing the horizontal. And it is that there are few things that relax as much as the sea. A real therapy for the senses: the sound of the waves is like a soothing mantra, because you can almost hear it; energy from the Sun that warms your skin and you recharge of vitamins, gives you vitality, what taste!; the water of the sea, that it cures everything as said our grandmothers, it relaxes muscles and relieves pain joint, improvement the respiratory system and facilitates the Elimination of toxins. But… sometimes relax too may have unwanted effects.
We want to help you to make these perfect holiday, why share these essential recommendations and advice that descends from the conventional wisdom of the Canary Islands. With this, your experience on the beach will be like a visit to paradise.
1. protect yourself from the Sun. Want to Tan our skin and that is note that have status in the beach. In addition, if we return to the office with that color of ‘lechuguinos’ that we have been dragged all winter, anyone going to ask for our wonderful holiday. But between that beautiful color Golden and the red crab that ends making is in a puzzle of layers of skin shedding is, there is a chasm.
For this reason, it is important that you use a high factor sunscreen. Choose the one you like, but don’t be a miser in their use and apply frequently, especially if you are at the beach during the Central hours of the day. The use of hats and glasses of Sun are very recommended top event spots that then you pursue the rest of your life.
2 stay hydrated to avoid headaches, especially if you go with children and think bea few hours, is very important. It is best to water, but you‘re this decision going to leave you. It often happens that we don’t feel thirsty because we are entering and exiting the water, but your body becoming dehydrated with the Sun, and that loss of water can make you feel more tired at the end of the day, so you know, not only drink water through the pores of the skin.
3. carry objects of value to the beach can leave you expensive. It is true that we all like to get that spectacular photo that testifies to our passage through paradise, but if you take the phone in a crowded area and then going for a walk, it can happen that someone will fall in love with your latest mobile model. The risk is lower in beaches more isolated or areas remote of the Access main, by that, perhaps can take advantage of this excursion for remove that photo that both want.
4 leave the beach as you have found it you or better. If you of face to face with a bag or any plastic object, although it is not yours, perhaps can save it along with your own waste to throw it in the nearest container when you leave. The microplasticos are becoming a real problem on our beaches and have already entered the food chain. We can all help to minimize this damage. Ah! And if you smoke, pick up your butts and throw them to the trash or nearest container.
5. the beach is not just yours, respect those who surround you. Who haven’t seen interrupted his delicious peace when I was happily lying and enjoying the sound of the waves? It may be that group of screaming children, but they do not we can tie them 😉 better let them enjoy childhood. The real torture appears when an adult, convinced of that his music is it last in them tracks of dance, arrives to your side and you plant their hits to all volume, as if was making you a please to the rest of the beach by share it. Oh, Yes! It prides itself on its great taste! It is at this time when you want the tide rises and takes your mobile condemned. As you know, there are headphones!! In some beaches already there are municipal ordinances that prohibit music with fines. It respects the foreign peace, respect those who surround you.
6 learn more. Before bathing you observes the State of the sea and the indications of the flags. You can check if the tide is rising or falling, if there is a groundswell or even read information panels that we can see at some beaches for the current trend. The beaches of the South of great Canaria are safe and quiet but the sea is the sea and the information is guarantee of caution.


Even if you have followed our recommendations and has protected you from the Sun, surely that advice that you talked about coming you well at the beginning, which descended from the folk wisdom of the Canary Islands. So, here‘s number seven. We are talking about the use of aloe vera, the best remedy for minor burns. Many people put on newly tanned skin creams, oils containing some creams help to ‘fry’ evermore skin. Aloe, however, refreshes the skin and takes the heat from the inside out,regenerating cells
Lanzarote also belongs to the Canary Islands and has impressive beaches, the landscape also looks like you are on the moon, with more than 300 volcanoes, it is an amazing place to visit and although it is small has lots of things to do and enjoy. We recommend staying at a Country villa Lanzarote where you have privacy and can relax easily, then rent a car and visit beaches turist sites and have fun.
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